Aircraft Spec Dry Only Vacuum Cleaners: MV 10

The MV10 Dry Only Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect balance between size and power. The motor heads are electrostatically powder coated pressed steel and the canisters are non-magnetic corrosion resistant stainless steel or electrostatically powder coated pressed steel. They are all fitted with a powerful yet reliable twin fan motor to give years of faithful service.

Excellent maneuverability and stability is ensured by their four widely spread heavy duty castors. This range of dry only vacuum cleaners are mounted on a four castor base especially suitable for rougher floor surfaces. All these models have the facility to attach the hose to the exhaust to make a powerful blower.

These advanced design features make these models especially suitable for schools, hotels, restaurants, contract cleaning, offices, public houses and industrial use.

small tough tub vacuum cleaner


Product Features:

  • Twin fan motor
  • Thermal switch protection against overheating
  • Double filtration
  • Optional Anti Static filter assembly
  • Optional high efficiency cloth filter
  • Extension wands and bent end hose end made from non-magnetic stainless steel
  • Supplied with full tool kit
  • Standard voltage 110& 230V

Technical Specification

MV 10

Motor: 1000w Max / 800w Mean

Power: 230/110v or 50/60Hz

Max Airflow: 43.5Ltr/Sec

Max Vacuum: 2,500mm

Cleaning Range: 27 Metres / 88 Feet

Capacity Litres:  8.5L

Dimensions (H x W x D) mm: 425x380x380

Weight (Kg): 8.75

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