MORCLEAN 120 Battery

Battery powered sanitisation cart

Sanitisation cart for Covid-19 deep cleaning and disinfection

morclean 120 capacity battery operated cart in action
Morclean 120 Battery


Battery operated sanitation carts that are available in two power versions: 1200HP and 1500HP.

Perfect for use in public areas such as streets, car parks, parks, garden centres, etc.

The battery provides 3 hours of intensive use and is recharged within 10 hours.

The high pressure electric pump will supply a spray with a maximum range of 7 metres and is only switched on via a pressure switch when the nozzle is activated.

Product Features

  • Intensive use of up to 3 hours
  • Maximum spray range of 7 metres
  • Pressure switch controls pump activation
  • Brass lance with intergrated nozzle
  • Standard pressure regulator
  • 12V charger with charge indicator
  • Glycerine pressure gauge
  • 5 metre or 10 metre hose??

Technical Specifications

Capacity: 120L | 26.40 gal
Pressure: 10 bar | 145 psi
Flow: 5.7L per min
Hose: 5m/10m
Lance: Brass with integrated nozzle
Battery capacity: 24AH or 35AH
Battery life: Up to 3hr intensive use
Recharge: 10hr recharge time
MLP0053 MTP CBM 1200 HP 12V + 24AH battery + accessories
MLP0054 MTP CBM 1500 HP 12V + 35AH battery + accessories
MLP0056 MTP CBM 1200 HP 12V + 24AH battery (not included) + accessories
MLP0057 MTP CBM 1500 HP 12V + 35AH battery (not included) + accessories

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    Morclean 120 Battery

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