MEVA 20-45 Type H

The Morclean range of MEVA vacuum cleaners has been purposely built as suitable to pick up potentially explosive and conductive dust and debris in a Dust zone 22. The vacuums have been designed, tested and approved specifically for the collection of hazardous materials. The Type H models are also suitable for picking up dust and debris that is hazardous to health in a Dust zone 22.

This machine is available in 20L, 30L and 45L and a dry pick up only version is also available.

meva 20 45 dry only industrial vacuum


Product Features:

  • Supplied with full 38mm conductive toolkit
  • Hose length 3 metres. Longer hoses available
  • All models use stainless steel canister
  • Cable length 10 metres
  • Fitted plug
  • All models supplied with 5 x microfibre burst resistant disposable bags



1st Stage Microfibre disposable bag with sealing cap
2nd Stage Conductive fabric filter assembly
3rd Stage Oversized, metal cased, HEPA absolute filter


MEVA 20H – 4 x 75mm conductive castors and conductive plastic chassis
MEVA 30H & 45H – mounted on detachable stainless steel caddy with conductive wheels and castors

All models have a locking/braked castor

Dimensions (H x W x D) mm
MEVA 20H – 830 x 440 x 440
MEVA 30H – 960 x 450 x 500
MEVA 45H – 1080 x 450 x 500

Cleaning range:

28 Metres all models

Weight (kg):

MEVA 20H – 21.2 MEVA 30H – 26 MEVA 45H – 26.8


1050w Max / 900w Mean
1150w Max / 1000w Mean


110/230v / 50/60Hz


110v Max Airflow 56Ltr/Sec 230v Max Airflow 59Ltr/Sec

Capacity Litres

MEVA 20 H 20L
MEVA 30 H 30L
MEVA 45 H 40L

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