This Morclean range wet and dry ATEX vacuums are suitable for picking up health endangering dust and debris in dust zone 21 & gas zone 1.

One of the standout features of the MAV 18-45 is its ability to switch between wet and dry modes quickly. This means you can easily clean up spilled drinks or pet urine without having to switch machines or attachments. The machine also comes with a range of attachments, including a crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool, making it suitable for cleaning different surfaces and hard-to-reach areas.

In terms of maintenance, the MAV 18-45 is relatively easy to clean. The tank is removable, which makes emptying it a breeze. The machine also features washable filters, which means you can reuse them, reducing your overall cleaning costs.

All of our models are supplied on a stainless steel caddy with braked castors and conductive wheels where applicable and all models are fully earth bonded and have an anti-static (conductive) vacuum and air supply hose. Every vacuum cleaner is individually tested and provided with its own test certificate for earth path continuity.  All units are supplied with a complete conductive accessory kit.

Product Features

  • Easy to use
  • Accessible for service
  • Optimal suction power
  • Robust Chassis
  • Drain hose
  • Large rear wheels and rotating front wheels
  • Storage for accessories and cables
  • For wet or dry vacuum application.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications Filtration:
1st Stage Disposable Micro-Fibre Bag
2nd Stage Anti-Static (Conductive) Cloth Filter
Wet and Dry Models are supplied with a ball type float shut-off assembly
MAV 18 and MAV 20 – 4 x 75mm Heavy Duty Castors
2 x 200mm Wheels on a Heavy Duty Tubular Stainless Steel Caddy. Canister detachable from Caddy.
Dimensions (mm) Height x Width x Depth:
MAV 18 – 895 x 410 x 420
MAV 20 – 525 x 440 x 440
MAV 30 – 895 x 460 x 500
MAV 45 – 895 x 460 x 500

Cleaning range from Air Point:
16 Metres/52 Feet
Weight (kg):
MAV 18 – 11.5
MAV 20 – 9.00
MAV 30 – 14.5
MAV 45 – 15.9
All models are supplied with a certificate of earth path continuity, a 5 metre conductive air supply hose, a 38mm conductive hose and toolkit. All models are also supplied with 5 disposable micro-fibre bags.
Note: It is the end user’s responsibility to ensure and maintain a good earth bond at the compressed air connection point.
MAV 18 to 30 ; 45 – 2 x 75mm Heavy Duty Castors

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