Professional knapsack pressure sprayer

Knapsack pressure sprayer for deep cleaning and Covid-19 sanitisation. Battery-operated.

knapsack style pressure sprayer in action
Knapsack pressure sprayer for cleaning and disinfecting against coronavirus


A battery-operated knapsack pressure sprayer that provides effortless mobility and disinfection of public and working areas.

The 115cm telescopic lance on the knapsack pressure spray enables the operator to easily deap clean areas that are normally difficult to reach.

With the pressure sprayer secure, knapsack style, on the operators back, hands are free to facilitate deep cleansing of both public and work environments.

The knapsack pressure spray is comfortable to wear with soft, adjustable straps and a belt on the hip to minimise spinal load.

With the additional flat-jet nozzle cleaning products are applied like a paint sprayer, providing successful coverage with just the one pass.

The working capacity of 14 L (3.08 gal) provides effective time ensuring a safe environment for staff and customers.

The lance benefits from anti-dust protection to prevent contaminants entering the interior of telescopic lance.

Product Features

  • Anti-dust protection
  • Dosing valve lock
  • Battery pack
  • Power supply for charging battery
  • Gaskets and silicone grease
  • Soft profiled strap
  • Nozzle with jet regulation
  • Hose and lance handle integrated with feeding valve
  • Telescopic lance with adjustable nozzle
  • Additional nozzle MR 1mm
  • Additional nozzle MF3.0
  • Funnel with strainer

Technical Specifications

Total capacity: 14L | 3.08 gal
Working capacity: 12L | 2.60 gal
Pressure: 4 bar | 58 psi
Weight: 6.8Kg | 15lb
Height: 640mm
Telescopic Lance: 1150mm
Battery capacity: 3400 mAh
Battery life: 1800 cycles

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    Knapsack pressure sprayer for cleaning and disinfecting against coronavirus

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