Oil Fired Steam Cleaners

These Electric and Oil Fired vapour steam cleaners Dry Wet Steam Medium Volume machines are run from either a 12v 240v or 415v supply and heat the water with the use of an oil fired burner (diesel) This means that much more quantity of steam is produced in the boiler meaning 2 operators can use the machine at the same time greatly increasing productivity. Due to their high volume of steam produced this range of Electric and Oil Fired Steam Cleaner are generally used outdoors. The steam production is high and can be used as wet or dry steam and therefore they are more suited to larger surface cleaning often with 2 outlets.

View our range of Electric and Oil Fired Steam Cleaner below.

400X-400x400When a contractor has multiple use for a machine or car valeting requires 2 methods of cleaning then the hybrid 2240X machine is ideal.

Second generation latest/new 2014/15 model

Dual user and combination machine (steam and water)

The machine has 2 outlets:

1 x for dry/wet steam

1 x for high pressure 150bar + Low Pressure detergent

The 500W vapour Steam cleaner is made to work with detergents which is activated via a remote switch on one of two guns.

Providing two operators simultaneous steam, ideal for car valeting where duel operation is required.

For mobile use the battery version can be run from a 12V car battery or the vehicle itself and ideal where mains power is not available.

Second generation latest/new 2014/15 model.

You can connect this model straight to a 12v battery. In case you use the vehicle’s battery we recommend  using  for 1 hour max  then recharge (or use additional battery in series).


The new generation of 500X steamers provide 2 operators with simultaneous steam, ideal for car valeting where twin operation is needed. Second generation latest/new 2014/15 model.

12,24Kw 500w D 500W 12V 500wx2 400W
Pressure 9Bar / 150Hp Water
Temp 180 oC
Steam Output dry/wet 33/42 Kg/h
Max Power 2,24kW 500W 400W
Frequency 50 Hz
Size 70 x 106 x 102 cm
Weight 135 Kg 120 Kg
Outlets 2 1

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