Airtech 1 & Airtech 2

The Air-tech is a supercharged air operated industrial vacuum cleaner for use on wet or dry materials. Available in single venturi and twin venturi and also an ATEX rated model, the high capacity Air-tech is fully operated via an air supply attached to the top of the vacuum meaning no electricity is required unlike normal vacuum cleaners.

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Product Features
  • Works from plant air supply
  • Low maintenance
  • Low life time costs
  • Syphons up to 45 gallon fluid in 24 seconds
  • Develops vacuum up to 3 times greater than normal industrial vacuums
  • Capable of removing oil, sludge, swarf, food, slag, sand, turnings
  • Also available in twin venturi for extra power
  • Choice of 38/51mm accessory kits

Technical Specifications

Air Tech 1 & 2
Vacuum up to 17″ Hg
Flow Rate up to 45 gallons in 24 sec
Lift up to 6M
Dims 1110mm(h) x 740mm(W) x 600mm(d)
Weight Unloaded 54Kg / 57Kg
Capacity 205 Litres
Compressed air inlet 3/4 BSP female valve or 3/4 for tree tail
Castors 100mm

Technical Specifications

Air Tech 1 & 2
Air-Tech/1 Air – Tech / 2
100Psi – 100cfm 100Psi – 200cfm
80Psi – 80cfm 800Psi – 160cfm
60Psi – 60cfm 60Psi – 120cfm
40Psi – 40cfm 40Psi – 80cfm

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