55 Litre Industrial Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner: SM 55

55 Litre Industrial Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner from Morclean has a modular design with different tank capacities and motor quantities.Tank capacity for the SM55 is 55 litres and it has one motor. The strong and durable chassis is made from robust stainless steel, making it great for applications in the industrial sector. It has a drain hose mounted and you can easily empty the tank without taking off the motor. It has large rear wheels and rotating front wheels which makes it light and easy to manoeuvre.

As standard, the machine is delivered with the following accessories: crevice tool, round dusting brush, wet pick-up tool, and dry pick-up tool.

SM55 industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner

This vacuum cleaner has a durable stainless steel tank that can withstand rough handling and frequent use. It also has a HEPA filter that traps small particles and allergens, making it ideal for cleaning environments where hygiene is important.

The SM 55 comes with the below as standard:

  • Easy to use and service
  • Optimal suction power
  • Robust chassis
  • Drain hose
  • Large rear wheels and rotating front wheels
  • Cable storage & Accessory storage
  • For wet or dry vacuum applications

Technical Specifications

SM 55
Tank Capacity 55 Litres – Steel
Voltage 220-240V
No / Motor type x1 two stage motor x2 two stage motor
Power (max) 1000W 2000W
Frequency 50-60Hz
Column Depression 2115mm H20 3115mm H20
Air Flow 36 Ltrs /s 52 Ltrs /s
Power Cable Colour Orange
Electric Cable Length 7m 8m
Noise Level 74dB (A) 78dB (A)
Amp Draw 4.6 Amp 4.6/9.2 Amp
Machine weight 22Kg 24.5Kg
Dimensions 63 x 59 x 95cm

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