Morclean Vehicle Wash Pads

Above Ground Treatment

above ground water treatment wash pad

Spill containment

spill containment wash pad

Wash Tanks

Inflatable Wash Pads

inflatable wash pad

Semi Permanent Wash Pads

semi permanent wash pad

Vehicle Wash Pads

t is an offence for anyone to cause or knowingly permit: the entry into surface waters or groundwater of solid waste matter, or of poisonous, noxious or polluting matter, or the discharge of trade and sewage effluent into surface waters or groundwater without prior consent from the Environmental Regulator.

Good Practise

You should carry out dewaxing , cleaning and degreasing activities in designated washbay areas and not on ground which discharges to surface water drains, watercourses or soakaways. A water recycling system can reduce water use and associated costs. The washbay should be impermeable and isolated by a raised kerb, with the effluent directed to foul sewer or a sealed pump. Never direct the drainage from these areas through an oil interceptor as the oil will be emulsified and washed out of the interceptor.

All WashMan Wash Pads eliminate the need to install a permanent concrete wash pad, which is both more expensive and not always viable if the land is not freehold.

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