Morclean ThermaSteam Trailer Mounted Steam Cleaner


The new Thermasteam trailer mounted steam cleaner and hot water jet wash is a revolutionary and unique system. Featuring incredible performance and results, the self contained machine is the ultimate in steam cleaning and a truly versatile and high performance unit.


ThermaSteam Trailer Mounted Steam Cleaner and


Graffiti Removal

Remove graffiti using Thermasteam with no solvents or chemicals, the thermal shock at the nozzle removes graffiti easily and quickly while using much less water than a traditional jet wash. Soft washing with steam in this way means that the brick or stone is not affected by the jet of water and reduces the risk of patches or stripes, and does not erode the brick work or stone after removal of paint.

Chewing Gum Removal

The Thermasteam system disintegrates gum and removes the debris quickly and efficiently without the need for solvents chemicals or freezing etc. Amazing results while using much less water than traditional methods


Morclean Steam Cleaning In ChesterfieldMorclean Steam Cleaning In Chesterfield

Comparison of Different Cleaning Techniques

Technical Comparison

High-Pressure Hot WaterBoiling WaterSteam Function


Temperature at the nozzle

+/- 85 ºC+/- 102 ºC+/- 130 ºC+/- 150 ºC
Temperature at the burner

+/- 120 ºC

+/- 140 ºC

+/- 160 ºC

+/- 180 ºC


100% water

95% water

35% water

15% water


5% steam65% steam

85% steam

Work pressure0 – 500 bar0 – 500 bar0 – 30 bar

0 – 200 bar

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Morclean ThermaSteam
Morclean ThermaSteam
Morclean ThermaSteam 1
Morclean ThermaSteam

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The Benefits of Using Steam when removing Grafitti and Gum

  • Low water usage, steam uses much less water than a traditional high pressure cleaner
  • Solvent and chemical free, the waste water is not contaminated with aggressive or toxic products
  • Paint disintegrates due to thermal shock and delaminates from the surface
  • Protects the brick or stone surface from damage by traditional high pressure
  • Fast and efficient cleaning, significant reduction in time and labour
  • Reduces striping or clean patches around where the paint was applied
  • Less back pressure which reduces strain and the ‘recoil’ effect when the operator has to push back against the gun and lance
  • The system is up to ten times faster than traditional  methods such as freezing, dry steam, use of solvents or heat.
  • Clean up to 2400 pieces of gum per hour quickly and efficiently using steam and low water volumes
  • Remove chewing gum without ‘flipping’ the gum to another place under the force of high pressure
  • Chewing gum disintegrates using this method and doesn’t require a collection system as it’s washed off
  • Soft washing with steam does not remove or push sand or grout from between paving slabs as typically associated with jet washing
  • Does nor deteriorate the surface under the gum, reduces clean patches or striping
  • Much faster than traditional high pressure cleaner with quicker results and productivity
  • Can be used as a traditional hot water jet wash when the steam function is turned off, for general jet washing, rotary cleaning heads or nozzles

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