Aircraft Spec BackPack Vacuum Cleaner

Our range of Backpack vacuum cleaners are lightweight and ergonomically designed, you could quite easily forget that you are wearing it.
In confined areas or congested environments there can be no doubt that the practical features of the Back Pack Vac brings with it great advances in convenience cleaning. In many countries back pack cleaning has become commonplace with substantial improvements in cost effective operation.

The Morclean Back Pack’s performance is excellent, with the extra large filter system and the Hepaflo dust bags ensuring continuous operation and clean and easy emptying. The standard accessory kit contains a wand, floor tool and tools kit incorporates all that is needed for quick and efficient cleaning of all surfaces.

The BackPack vacuum cleaner offers time savings of up to 30% over conventional tub vacuum cleaners and dramatically reduces operator fatigue associated with other back pack systems.

Product Features:

  • Ergonomically designed, comfortable harness system
  • Light weight
  • Lower noise levels
  • Extra large filter system and Hepaflo dust bags
  • Accessory kit containing: a wand, floor tool and tools kit
  • Dramatically reduces operator fatigue associated with other back pack systems

Technical Specification

BackPack Vacuum Cleaner
6 Litre8 Litre
Power230V AV 50/60Hz;
Airflow40 L/sec20 L/sec
Motor Power1100 W1000 W
Suction2400 mm1000 mm
Run Time30 Mins
Charge Time3.5 Hours
Weight6 kg7.3kg

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