Cold Water Pressure Washers

From lightweight mobile machines to heavy-duty static units. Morclean’s range of cold pressure washers are the ideal solution to your industrial cleaning problem. Providing power and durability when you need it the most, as well as simplicity for those day to day jobs.

cold water pressure washer
cold water pressure washer car wash
cold water pressure washer gutter cleaning

Cold water jet washers work best when being used for removing dirt, grime, soil, and other dry substances. For heavily greased surfaces, hot water pressure washers are more suited. This is due to the hot water penetrating the grease and oil and breaking it down until it disperses. Cold pressure washers, however, aren’t strong enough to cut through oils and dirt on their own. Detergents can help with this but you still may not be able to get rid of more stubborn grease and oil using a cold water machine. .

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