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Soil Extraction Machines  

We have a full range of carpet and upholstery cleaners (called extraction machines) including valeting machines, carpet cleaners, upholstery cleaners etc.

They are available in 240 or 110 volts and with either strong steel containers and chassis or injection moulded durable containers. Combinations of 1 or 2 x 1000w motors, combination kits and accessories for various tasks are available.


Our three main categories of carpet cleaners / extraction machines are;

1: Cylinder based extraction machines

Firstly our commercial range of cylinder based extraction machines. Conventionally these have an internal or externally mounted clean solution tank, and a recovery tank for the debris with a solution pump pressure of approx. 2 bar and 1 or 2 x 1000w recovery motors with a standard cleaning kit. Ideal for commercial use or valeting and available with carpet or upholstery tool kits

2: Chassis mounted contractors extraction machines

Secondly the heavy duty user machines are robustly constructed on a chassis for Contractors or the professional user. The main functional differences between these and the commercial duty machines is that the pump pressure is 50 psi, they have a heavy duty and robust cleaning kit included, and they can be thermostatically heated for the cleaning of larger more heavily soiled areas. Ideal for contractors or heavy users

3: Wash - brush - dry carpet cleaners

Heavy duty contractors machines for large carpeted areas with a brush system to assist with the cleaning of tough dirt in congested or heavy traffic areas. The units jet spray solution onto the carpets, then a cylindrical brush agitates and cleans, followed by an extraction to dry in one operation. An optional wand is available where space is restricted or for upholstery and stairs. Ideal for larger areas and for tough cleaning jobs

Upholstery and Carpet Valeting

Soil Extraction Machines

Morclean cylinder based carpet and upholstery cleaners boast features including external filling tanks with a large port opening for the detergent and solution for easy filling and while in continuous use. Together with this an external discharge hose clips to the side of the unit for easy emptying to a drain after use.

There are combinations of 1 or 2 x 1000w by pass motors in 240v or 110v. Accessories include combination kits and tooling for floors, furniture or upholstery. Various options of performance and accessories kits are available 'off the shelf'

Cold Water Soil Extraction Cleaner

Morclean Cold Water Extraction Carpet Cleaners

A tough range of small to medium capacity carpet cleaning machines. There are three models in the range with capacities of 15, 20 and 25 litres. All models use the same tried and tested pump and vacuum motor combination. Suitable for use in any application requiring a small robust machine. Uses range from car valeting, care homes, hire shops, contract cleaning to office, pub and club cleaning.


Cold Water Soil Extraction Cleaner

Morclean 35 Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaners

A robustly constructed carpet cleaning machine for the professional user. Suitable for badly soiled and larger areas due to its large capacity and powerful thermostatically controlled heater.


Reviver 2000 Professional Spray Extraction Carpet Cleaner

Reviver 2000 Professional Spray Extraction Carpet Cleaner

With its integral "power brush", high pressure spray injection and high performance vacuum extraction, the Reviver 2000 cleans deep down removing heavy soiling and ugly marks, leaving carpets fresh, clean, colourful and almost dry. Used regularly the Reviver 2000 will maintain carpets in a professional "as new" condition.

With built in silencer for quieter running. Easy to use the built in power brush removes dirt with ease. Ready to use quickly-no wands and hoses to attach. Virtually self propelled for easing operator effort. Everything controlled from the handle, height adjustable handle for comfort. The folding handle makes it easily transported, with large wheels for easy mobility on stairs. Power take off valve for accessories. The remaining fluid can be pumped out of solution tank.

Construction is of a fully non-corrosive design, utilising an aluminium chassis and polythene fluid tanks and is safety supported by operator and fail safe features. The power system is also fully silenced to 68db.

Carpet Soil Extraction Machines

Extraction and Brush Carpet Cleaners

If your needs are hard to satisfy look no further. Large carpeted areas, congested places, tough dirt, a need to keep noise to a minimum, high carpet maintenance costs, untrained staff - whatever the problem, the new Morclean range has the answer. You can be sure of finding the right machine for your particular needs. Innovative features include the quick-change brush system on the larger models, the silencer on the Morclean Plus Supreme, and the heater on the Super C models.

Top quality construction results in greater reliability for you. Thick gauge, non-rusting aluminium is used for the chassis on all models. Brush bearings are totally protected, a unique brush motor system design stops burn-outs, and all spray jets are non-clogging and recessed to avoid damage. Many other unique ideas have been incorporated to ensure a long and trouble free life. Should maintenance be required, you'll find special attention has been paid to ease-of-access of all components. Quick connect fittings are used on internal hoses for example, to keep down time to an absolute minimum.

MSC Super

The ultimate extra-capacity machine for professional use, boasts a heater to get the most out of cleaning detergents.

The MSC really is the ultimate for high productivity cleaning of larger areas. The 40cm brush cleans a wider path, while the 7 bar pump pressure and 3 stage vacuum motor make cleaning and drying faster and more thorough. The heater helps remove even the most difficult dirt that other machines can 't handle. Probably the quietest upright made at only 68db it won't cause any disturbance. The wheels glide on bearings, and with a split-roller to aid turning, cleaning is much less tiring. Controls are all on the handle, easy to understand and within fingertip reach.


Cleaning performance that can't be beaten - but really compact and easy to use.

With its built in power brush all dirt is removed with ease. What's more it is virtually self propelled, so carpet cleaning takes much less effort. The handle adjusts for operator comfort, and folds for transport even in small cars. Optional accessory tools for upholstery or stairs, and wands for hard to reach areas, can be swiftly connected.

CPS Supreme and CPS Plus

CPS Supreme

Silenced for use where quiet is essential, the 2hp vacuum means faster drying too.

Supreme in every way, you'll save time and money while satisfying the most demanding clients with a cleaning performance that can't be beaten. High brush pressure ensures fast, deep down dirt removal, and the extra powerful vacuum leaves the carpet almost dry. Like all Morclean units the easy to understand switches are within fingertip reach. Even the brush height is adjustable from the operator position. A built in silencer makes cleaning possible where noise would cause complaint.

CPS Plus

Cleans up to 50% faster with quick change brushes to suit all your needs.

Carpets that are tough to clean, or just need a spruce up, are no problem with the versatile Champ Plus. Simply choose the best brush for the job and change to it instantly. At a price that's no more than many smaller machines, you get the advantage of the higher productivity that comes from a 40cm brush cleaning path, and 21 litre tanks. Even so, the CPS is so simple that even a novice will get great carpet cleaning results first time out. All the instructions needed are right on the machine.

Above models are listed as a guide only. Morclean may alter specification without prior notice. Listed models do not guarantee availability or supply. E&OE

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