Distribution of the TR200 Cart Wash Machine

Morclean distribute equipment internationally so it’s easy to send a cart wash machine anywhere in the USA. All shipments of our TR200 machine to the USA are handled by our freight forwarder.

Generally shipments will arrive via a hub in Atlanta, Georgia; adjacent to Hartsfield International Airport, (these facilities provide over 2.1 M2 feet of warehouse).

We also use a West Coast hub in Los Angeles, CA, the massive port complexes of Los Angeles and Long Beach – or we can ship door to door.

Handing the Paperwork

Our freight forwarders in Atlanta and Los Angeles have people that can talk to you and advise on all aspects of paperwork and shipping documents. They can guide you through the process of importing a machine or arrange the entire shipment

The TR200 crated up with the A frame detached

Packing and Shipping

The TR200 is manufactured so that we can detatch the front ‘A’ frame of the trailer to reduce space and lower the shipping costs. The machine is securely packed in a crate to protect the equipment during transit.

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