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Waste Cart Washing Machine Specifications

Anti-Freeze Tank5.0 US Gallons
Capacity100 US Gallons
Flow3.3 US Gallons
Pressure200bar - 3000psi
Sanitizer Tank1.0 US Gallons

TR200 Features

  • Multi stage water treatment
  • Unique filtration system
  • Instantly heated hot water
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria
  • Approved trailer and the lifting device is to ANSI standards
  • Effortless two-cart lifting mechanism
  • Fully protected, low voltage electrics
  • Very low running costs – typically a few dollars a day!
  • Automatic Sanitizer Dosing System

5 stage filtration system

Cart Wash Trailer Weights:

Empty (Trailer only): Approximately 2860 pounds
Full Tank of Clean Water (160 Gallons): Approximately 1650 pounds
Total Weight (Inc full tank of clean water): Approximately 4510 pounds

Of course, it’s impossible to gauge the weight of ‘dirty’ water as it depends how much debris is removed from the carts.

Water utilized per cycle:

Depends on how long you spend washing a cart. However, at 2-3 minutes per cart we’d re-use around 8-12 gallons of water per cart.

Take a look at how it works:

Why a hot water ‘trailer mounted’ waste cart wash machine is better!

  • OVERALL COST: Much lower compared to the cost of a 4 x 4 mounted machine with extra cost for the automatic cleaning heads.
  • VEHICLE COST: Purchase price of a smaller lighter vehicle is much less than a 4 x 4.
  • FLEXIBLE: The van can be used for other jobs when not towing the cart wash. A dedicated 4×4 is likely to be parked up at the end of the round
  • FUEL EFFICIENCY: A small vehicle is more fuel efficient than a large 4×4
  • INSURANCE: The typical insurance for a 4×4 pick up is considerably more than a small van.
  • OPERATOR RISK: When using a morclean TR200 trailer mounted machine, the operator stands within the purpose built platform, out of the line of passing traffic.
  • RESALE VALUE: The resale value of a trailer mounted machine can be much higher as it can be used by anyone.
  • EASE OF TRANSFER: A ‘made to measure’ cart wash fixed on a specific 4×4 can’t always be swapped to another 4×4, lowering resale potential.
  • ALWAYS ON THE GO: Swap the trailer to another vehicle if a break down occurs or auto service is scheduled.
  • STANDARD: No need for a special build as all trailer versions are of a standard size.
  • FAST LEAD TIMES: Trailer machines do not have to be built to order or to fit a particular pick up which radically reduces lead times.
  • OFFER ADDITIONALS: The hot water trailer mounted cart washer can also be used as a hot water pressure washer for yard cleaning, graffiti removal, etc.
  • OPERATION: Trailer mounted machines require only 1 operator to lift, wash and rinse the trash carts.

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