Boeing logoAircraft Spec Equipment to Boeing

Boeing approached us to supply specialist aircraft specification cleaning equipment.

Aircraft specifications requires a specialist supplier like ourselves that provide vacuum cleaners fitted with 400Hz high frequency 110/115v motors

Morclean works with many airline and handlers world-wide.

Union Square BID – San Francisco CA

Prestigious organization Union Square Business Improvement District needed a solution to a litter problem.

An online search found us and our unique litter collecting machines that solved their problem.

They were happy to buy our products, a niche and specialist supplier from the UK.

Alaska Airline – Seattle WA

Alaska Airline has also purchased our aircraft specification vacuum cleaners.

Our robust and technically capable vacuums more than meet the demands of the airline industry. The limitations of size and space, along with the aircraft’s unique power supply.

KVG – Elizabethtown PA

KVG Pennsylvania

The entire machine was designed and built to meet KVG’s exacting needs which meant a unique and diverse specification had to be met.

The niche requirement demanded that the machine be totally mobile and self-contained; carrying its own water and accessories.

Downtown Berkeley Association (DBA) – Berkeley CA

The Downtown Berkeley Association (DBA) in CA have also purchased mobile litter collectors.

The easy to use and portable litter collectors from Morclean easily solved their problems of collecting large debris in hard to access places.

Norwegian Cruise Lines – Miami FL

The cruise ship company NCL came to Morclean for their supply of high temperature steam cleaners.

We worked very closely with them to provide the best solution. We’re proud to have supplied Norwegian Cruise Lines and many of their fleet of vessels.

Enrich Tech Llc – Ashburn VA


Enrich Tech came to Morclean for a sturdy industrial hot water pressure washer to supply to the US Military, an area in which we have a lot of experience.

Our range of HYDRA machines have been used in various applications around the world and can be adapted for many different appilcations.