Interceptors Tanks for Vehicle Wash Installations

Reduces Effluent Charges from Car Washers

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Have you considered looking at an VapourSteam low water volume steam cleaner?

Using lower volumes of water reduces the levels of contaminated water run off and the need for a mains drain to dispose of excessive quantities of water.


UK Vehicle Wash Guidelines, UK Pollution Prevention Guidelines and Southern Ireland Pollution Prevention Guidelines

Reduce pollution and effluent charges from your car wash facility

Interceptor tanks

Reduce pollution and effluent charges from your car wash facility by installing a three stage interceptor tank. Installations will prevent drains from blocking with the added advantage of free flowing oil being removed.

The lightweight interceptor tanks are manufactured from sturdy and durable glass reinforced polyester (GRP) which has corrosion proof and rot proof properties. This one piece tank system, ideal for a speedy installation, can be placed in a forecourt or within a washbay and includes manhole covers (26 tonne capacity).

Water Recycling

Illustration demonstrating the workings of the three stage interceptor tank: Please click for a larger illustration

A water recycling system can be installed, at a later date, to the connections fitted at the time of installing the interceptor tank.

A water recycling systems will present savings in water and effluent charges and has the added advantage of ensuring the car wash can still operate under a hose pipe ban during drought situations.

There are numerous interceptor tank models available with different dimensions, weight and water capacity.

ModelCapacity (Litres)Diameter (mm)Length (mm)
SmallMWB 2000200012502000
MWB 2500250012502400
MWB 3000300012502850
MWB 3500350012503300
MediumMWB 4500450012504200
MWB 5000500015003050
MWB 6000600018502700
MWB 8000800018503470
LargeMWB 100001000018504230
MWB 120001200018505070
MWB 150001500018506200
MWB 180001800025004200
MWB 20000*2000025004800
All Wash Bay Interceptors available in Stage 1, Stage2 and Stage 3.
*Available in extra large sizes over 20,000Litres on request

Morclean delivers to your door with our own transportation

We deliver vehicle wash interceptors with our own vehicles

Please note: This item requires frames and manhole covers

The above requires manhole cover(s) and lid(s) (not included). Due to the weights involved covers and lids are expensive to transport and often cost more to ship than they are worth so we advise you source your own. You can purchase covers and lids from most builders merchants and below is a guide to assist you choosing the best type for the duty.

manhole covermanhole covermanhole cover
TypeSize (mm)DutyEuropean StandardLoadingTypical Overground
Class A15600 x 450LightBS EN 1243 tonne (approx)Cars/Small Vans
Class B125Medium17 tonne (approx)Cars/Small Commercial
Class D400Heavy38 tonne (approx)Large Commercials/HGV

EA and SEPA Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG)

The EA and SEPA Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG) which are jointly produced by the Environment Agency for England and Wales, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, and the Environment and Heritage Service for Northern Ireland (Ref PPG3 / PPG13 / PPG4 / PPG 14) suggest that Class 2 wash bay silt traps and interceptors should be connected only to a mains foul drain, and Class 1 separators to surface drain.

The above assumes you have the consent to connect any outflow to a suitable drain as per the appropriate PPG Guideline. While we always endeavour to provide best advice and accurate information, it the responsibility of the client and/or landowner to comply with the law. Following any guideline doesnít remove your responsibility to comply with the law and prevent pollution from your activities. Causing or allowing pollution is a criminal offence; compliance with any guidance isnít a defence. You should make sure that the references to other sources of guidance are still current.

Extract from the Pollution Prevention Guidelines: PPG13

Effluent and run-off from vehicle washing and cleaning activities can damage the environment and pollute rivers, streams, burns and groundwater. Dirt, brake dust, traffic film residue and oil that is washed off are all pollutants. The cleaning agents you use (including those labelled biodegradable or traffic film removers) are very poisonous to river life. If you cause pollution, you are breaking the law and spoiling your environment.

Dirty water or run-off from vehicle washing and cleaning carried out as a business or industrial activity is called trade effluent. Whether youíre cleaning just one vehicle or responsible for a large lorry fleet, you must arrange for collection and disposal of effluent to prevent pollution. Itís illegal to discharge trade effluent to the environment or into drains without permission.

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