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We're Morclean... Flybe*

We're Morclean... Flybe - with apologies to 10cc

Morclean designed and installed an Aeroplane Washing System for Flybe Aviation Services at Exeter Airport.

They wanted to clean planes in situ on the air field. It had to be self contained, buried underground and use a Reclaim Unit to recycle the water. Specialist advice was also sought over the aviation approved chemicals which had to be used. Morclean usually supply Vehicle Washing Systems but they were happy to rise to the technical challenge and meet the clients needs.

*With apologies to 10cc. ;)

Increasing Morclean's Product Range

Increasing our range of products with Pro Ultra

The Performance Pro Ultra is Morclean's latest edition to their extremely popular Pro Series range.

It is an ultra high pressure and flow performance hot water pressure washer. It combines hygiene and cleaning with time and labour saving efficiency. It is suitable for a wide range of cleaning tasks carried out in various environments e.g. agriculture, building sites, petrol stations, and car washing areas.

Morclean comply with EA Regs

Civil Works - the complete package

Balfour Beatty approached Morclean for specialist advice because they were extremely concerned about complying with Environment Agency Regulations.

Morclean have installed a vehicle wash area for 200 plus vans at their Exeter site which discharges the water safely and within the regulations.

Morclean are proud to offer an all-inclusive turnkey solution for all vehicle washing projects. Any installation utilising interceptors and silt traps generally require civil or ground works.

Morclean can now provide in house C.A.D. drawings describing both the installation and civil requirements as part of their all-inclusive service.

Stevenage Borough Council chose Morclean

Stevenage Borough Council chose Morclean because of their impressive all-inclusive service.

They needed two dedicated washing areas which could accomodate any size/dimension of fleet. One for large vehicle washing and refuse trucks (covered with oil and dirt) and one for van and commercial vehicle washing.

Construction of dedicated washing areas for Stevenage Borough Council

Everything's ducted underground, the area is screened so there is no overspray or danger of contamination and there is a hydraulic scissorlift for under chassis washing which can be folded flat and driven on. Morclean were restricted in removing the oils and treating the contaminated water due to an existing Attenuation Water Treatment Scheme. This provided lots of challenging technical issues which Morclean thrived on.

NEW - Industrial Drive Through Vehicle Washing Systems

Morclean are delighted to announce the launch of their New Industrial Drive Through Vehicle Washing and Brush Washing Systems. This range was designed to meet customer specifications and accomodate all their vehicle washing needs.

New! Industrial vehicle washing systems from Morclean

It includes an Industrial Lorry Wash System (available with two, three or five brushes), an Industrial Bus Wash System (with four vertical brushes and one horizontal brush), an Industrial Car Wash System (with three brushes).

Morclean can now provide its customers with a special bespoke washing plant for tanks, trains, and any other type of irregular shaped vehicles. The system incorporates spray arches, moving arch or brush wash technology, or a combination of both.

Morclean's Merry Men made good for Merrimans

Merrimans needed to clean both dirty vehicles covered in earth and mud as well as ordinary vehicles in the same self contained wash area. It was important that the vehicles were free from oil and mud before entering the new workshop to avoid contamination.

The site had no foul drain which presented a huge challenge as all the water had to be recycled. Merrimans approached Morclean because of their outstanding reputation in delivering bespoke solutions to challenging issues. Morclean installed a washpad and a high pressure cleaning system which treats the overflow of rainwater and stores it for reuse when there is a water shortage.

Peterborough City Council Vehicle Wash Installation

Vehicle washing system installation for Peterborough City Council

Peterborough City Council approached Morclean to design and install a mixed fleet Vehicle Wash System to clean their council vehicles. They wanted a single supplier to project manage the entire thing and Morclean came highly recommended.

The combination wash bay includes a hydraulic scissorlift, van washing area, environmental screens, drainage, oil seperation and water recycling. It is efficient, cost effective and environmently friendly. Morclean also provided all the civil and ground works as part of their all-inclusive service.

Lots of council vehicles are washed at the same time which provided further challenges for Morclean.

New Multipump Pro Centralised Static High Pressure Washer

The Multipump Pro is the latest High Pressure Washer launched by Morclean.

It is a centralised System incorporating 3, 4, 5, or 6 modular pumps. The standard unit is available in a 3 pump system and can be added to without changing the control system.

The IP65 rated control panel monitors the entire system to prevent leaks, over pressure, over temperature or shortages of water. The system is designed to provide simultaneous washing throughout a factory, for between 3 and 6 operators.

Car Wash Installation at the Borders

Border Toyota - Carlisle

"We found Morclean on the Internet and having done research on possible suppliers we concluded that Morclean had the best expertise for our Project.

Border Toyota - Carlisle
Installed car was equipment

"Ths was confirmed when Peter Morley visited our site and we gained the necessary confidence to appoint Morclean as the designers, suppliers and installers of our car wash equipment. We had a vague understanding of what was required but Peter and Bob Owen filled in the gaps by providing the necessary technical expertise.

Vehicle wash in action

"Our car wash is unique in that we draw our water from an aquifer 250 metres in the rock below our car wash, this presented techinical challenges that Morclean were able to resolve."

Innovative method of delivering detergents launched

Morclean has launched its innovative method of delivering detergents and chemicals to its industrial clients. Up to now detergents like Traffic Film Remover for use in pressure washers, scrubber dryers, brush wash machines and steam cleaners, have traditionally been delivered in 25Ltr or 205Ltr containers, with the usual packaging, labelling and delivery costs attributed to them.

Now clients can order a bulk 1000Ltr IBC at up to half the cost. The 1000Ltr IBC is provided by Morclean, free, on a loan basis. This will eliminate problems associated with mixing concentrates, disposing of empty containers, stock levels, and order deadlines.

Fry with vegetable oil

Pallet Washing Plant

Hull based vegetable oil company purchases Morclean special electrically-heated high pressure cleaners and steam cleaners for cleaning vegetable oil residue from machinery and production areas.

Morclean has installed a new pallet washing and component cleaner facility at KSL, Ilkeston, Notts.

From Joe Bloggs - to Harry Smith?

As well as supplying cleaning equipment to UK based PLC and 'Blue Chip' organisations, Morclean continues to provide a range of standard end-user commercial pressure washers, high pressure jetters and steam cleaners.

Mr Harry Smith approached Morclean when he wanted to purchase a new cold water pressure washer. After dealing with Morclean's local depot for over 10 years, Harry preferred to select a Servicing dealer where he could obtain the best after-sales support and service.

Shetland Isles - man has problem with his parts

An electrical contractor on the Shetland Isles didn't know where to go for urgently required spare parts for his pressure washer, until he got in touch with Morclean who was pleased to supply the parts - an order value of less than £10 - on an overnight basis.

New products in the making

Aerospace Engine Testing

Morclean is pleased to announce a new range of industrial high-volume drive-through bus and lorry wash cleaning machines. These include a new roll-over brush wash for cleaning curtain side and fixed uniform lorries, and an innovative roll-over spray wash for uneven shaped and tanker lorries.

Ilkeston-based aerospace factory uses Morclean high pressure cleaners and steam cleaners for aeroplane engine test rigs. Engines used on domestic and commercial flights are tested here.

BJ Waters - hauliers keep clean

Matlock based BJ Waters continues to keep their prestigious fleet of lorries, tippers and tractor units clean with a Morclean hot water fixed high pressure cleaner. The unit provides the operator with hot water high pressure jet and detergent, while preventing theft and abuse by housing the steam cleaner in a tamper proof cabinet. The Morclean automatic static washing system is housed in a purpose-built building, and is fitted with a remote over-ride box to limit the access and settings by drivers.

An obvious choice in the elephant house!

Based at Stourbridge in the West Midlands, the Safari Park has an obvious need to keep the elephant house clean. However it may be a surprise to learn that it's not just the by-product that's a problem - the elephants themselves love a warm wash too. Morclean has provided a warm water medium pressure cleaner, with a particularly accurate temperature and detergent dosing system for use by the Park to clean the elephants every day.

Wheel Wash

Morclean is pleased to announce an increased range of wheel wash machines. Designed to clean the underside of lorries etc. when they exit opencast quarry or construction sites, the new range is available on short or long term hire. New models include both a 'dry' spinning wheel wash for heavy clay areas, and a self-contained unit that powers the unit using the lorries' wheels to turn the pumps.

Cumbrian quarries again use Morclean

Brewery a popular call...

Cumbria based Electrical Contracts again purchase new high pressure jetting, steam cleaners and pressure washers for use in quarries in and around Cumbria - from Morclean.

Morclean has supplied cleaning equipment including steam cleaners and pressure washers to micro breweries for cleaning barrels and casks that are returned to the factory after collection from 'Pubs'.

Exports to India on the up

Morclean continues to export products to India. Initially pressure washers and water pumps were sold via the Jewellery Quarter, solely for use on jewellery cutting equipment. However more recently Morclean's reputation for the supply of cleaning equipment including scrubber dryers, pressure washers, steam cleaners, vacuum cleaners and floor sweepers has increased enquiry levels.

Waste Management on the increase

The Waste management sector accounts for a significant part of Morclean's business, and Morclean is pleased to report an increase in both enquiries and supply of cleaning equipment, steam cleaners and pressure washers to UK sites, including fixed arch, screened, gantry and washing plant.

Local Car Paintshop still uses Morclean

After dealing with Morclean's local depot for over 7 years local paint shop and repair garage 'PC Motors', based near Chesterfield, has again chosen Morclean for the supply of a steam cleaner and pressure washer. Used daily to clean and prepare car and commercial vehicles, the Morclean high pressure cleaner is used in conjunction with other valeting and cleaning products.

Third Successive term for prestigious National food distributor

Morclean is delighted to again supply the quality UK based food distributor NFT with quality cleaning equipment. The head office based in Somercotes near Alfreton has chosen Morclean to supply cleaning equipment on a Contract Hire basis. The high pressure water cleaning equipment, steam cleaning and pressure washers are supplied on a 'peace of mind' fixed and budgeted contract - inclusive of warranty and servicing.

Animal Feed Producer orders from Morclean

West Midlands based 'Sugarich' has placed an order for new fixed high pressure steam cleaning and washing plant for use in its specialist animal foods factory at Stourbridge.

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