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Breaking news: Morclean cleans up 'The Archers'
Listeners to 'The Archers' will have heard the recent problems at Bridge Farm where poor 'Clarrie-luv' inadvertently infected batches of Ambridge Organics produce with E.coli. The story line required the Dairy at Bridge Farm to be steam-cleaned. The production team contacted Morclean to ask their advice. A short time later the BBC sent a team to record the sound of steam-cleaning in action and collected facts and figures to add to the script. Listen to the extract.

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Superbugs Get All Steamed Up

Laboratory and hospital based evaluations into the effect of super-heated steam on hospital superbugs have been taking place in Yorkshire's largest hospital trust using steam vacuum machines. The laboratory evaluations established that super-heated steam can kill laboratory grown hospital infection strains in less than two seconds, including the antibiotic resistant superbugs 'MRSA' and 'VRE' which proved to be just as easy to kill with steam as 'normal' microbes. Validation of 'in use' situations in the domestic environment and in the hospital were carried out by Jonathan Kite, who is operations manager/director of Hygenica (UK), and the microbiological work was done by Dr Peter Kite, who is lead clinical microbiologist for this project in Leeds, on behalf of Hygenica, which sponsored this study.

Steam cleaning in use

This work was necessary to determine the effectiveness of killing microbes in their own natural environment, in which they embed themselves within an adhesive, self generated slime (biofilm) in moist conditions, such as bath, taps, showers, tiles, grouting etc.

This protective biofilm can resist powerful chemical agents for prolonged periods, but the considering superheated steam transfers its heat energy totally into the slime, as it is composed of 97% water, and the heat kills the organism underneath. Up to 500,000 germs can be present on one square inch of washbasin, shower tile or grout. Typically 90% to 100% of germs were killed in the bathroom environment in a 30 second exposure of toilet rims, washbasins, shower tiles and grouting. The additional value of a powerful vacuum system is that it removes bacteria and dirt into a dust-free liquid container in the body of the machine, preventing aerosols which otherwise might put microbes back into the atmosphere. Further trials were then undertaken on mock hospital training wards and the main evaluations were carried out on working geriatric wards over a three month period. These conditions are the most challenging due to the frequent soiling of these areas and difficulty of working with minimal disruption, in busy working hospital wards and in patient sensitive areas.

Despite all the adverse conditions 80% to 90% microbial kill efficiency was achieved when measured 30 minutes after steam vacuum cleaning. Another innovative feature was also introduced during this study: the rapid monitoring of disinfection using bioluminescent swabs. Normally the only way cleanliness is assessed at this facility is visually, but even a clean surface can be coated in biological dirt (bacteria and human cells coated with bacteria). The swabs glow when in contact with living bacteria through the same chemical reaction that lights up the tails of fireflies. When disinfection takes place the light diminishes in proportion to kill and this can be read in a small light monitor in under a one minute. The process is easy to perform, unlike conventional microbiological cultures, which may take 48 hours incubation and require special growth media and skilled technologists to interpret. According to Jonathan Kite: "The advent of super-heated steam/vacuum systems mark a major advance in the constant fight against disease causing microbes."

Morclean Equipped Entire NCL Fleet

Norwegian Cruise Line

Florida based NCL (Norwegian Cruise Lines) have equipped all of their vessels with Morclean vapour steam cleaners. Morclean were delighted to receive the order and have despatched steam cleaners to numerous vessels. Steam cleaners are used in the kitchen galley areas on NCL prestigious fleet.

Morclean rescue a Norwegian Cruise Liner

Reported to be the largest Cruise Liner operator in the World, Florida based Norwegian Dream contacted Morclean while in the Atlantic Ocean urgently requesting details on vapour steam cleaning units.

Morclean executed a shipment of units to meet the cruise liner at first Dublin, and then Greenock Port, by arranging air freight to both to meet the strict deadlines.

Morclean now arrange shipments of vapour steam and high pressure steam cleaning machines to world-wide locations using sea, or air freight enabling the client to track urgently required consignments.

Vapour Steam For Textile Industries

Somercotes based Guilford Europe have taken a Morclean vapour steam machine for the cleaning of waxy deposits congealed on the looms in their fabric manufacturing process. The technicians at Guilford Europe claim that the cleaning process used to take 2 days by hand and by 2 operators using a slow process of detergent and brushes. Using the Morclean EV1 steam cleaner, the vapour steam now takes away the deposit in around half a day using just 1 operative. Guilford Europe said they were delighted at the cost saving, labour saving and finished result.

Clean kitchens in Dubai

Dubai based cleaning contractors 'Quality Environmental Cleaners' purchased 2 Morclean vapour steam cleaners for use in cleaning kitchens. The Dubai based company contract clean, specialising in hotel and leisure industries' kitchen areas. They are now using Morclean vapour steam cleaners for the steam cleaning of hoods, canopies, filters and vapour steam cleaning of ovens etc.

Waukesha Bearings use Morclean

Waukesha BearingsCNC machine shops are not the most likely place you would expect to find a vapour steam cleaner. However Morclean have supplied Waukesha Bearings with a vapour steam cleaner and built in vacuum unit for the cleaning of CNC and other machine tools within the manufacturing area.

Mrs Kelly puts Morclean to the test

Morclean were contacted by Mrs Kelly of Kelly Cleaners. The Glasgow based firm have been contract cleaners for a few years but had decided to specialise in 'doing the jobs people hate'. Mrs Kelly contacted Morclean asking some very searching questions about the nature of steam cleaners and their use for cleaning domestic ovens.

Morclean sent out their vapour steam cleaner CD ROM. with depicts this process exactly. Mrs Kelly now operates 3 Morclean vapour steam cleaners and her business is now 100% vapour steam cleaning of the domestic ovens in the Glasgow area.

Now buy Morclean vapour steam cleaners in Australia

Rise and Shine

Morclean have secured an exclusive distributor, selling their full range of vapour steam cleaners throughout Australia. Sydney based Vapour Jet Australia have taken their initial order for stocking and can now demonstrate the full range of Morclean machines. Please contact for more details.

Kellog'sBreakfast cereal manufacturers Kellogg's have recently purchased vapour steam cleaners from Morclean. The steam cleaners are used in the production and packing areas.

Clean graffiti with Vapour steam

London UndergroundMorclean are always looking for new avenues and opportunities to market their vapour steam cleaning machines. The latest success story is the use of a vapour steam cleaner for graffiti removal in subways. Morclean have supplied steam cleaners to contractors for cleaning graffiti in London Underground as well as subways.

The process uses much less water than the conventional method of high pressure cleaning (5 Ltrs per hour as opposed to 15 Ltrs per minute). The process in fact proved that graffiti could be removed by using much less detergent or chemicals. Graffiti in some of the subways was successfully removed by a steam cleaner without the use of solvents.

Car valeters finally get the message

Car valeters are finally catching onto the idea that vapour steam cleaners can be used during the process of cleaning a car. Vapour steam cleaners can be used inside for fabric and for interior dashboards as well as under the bonnet for oil and grease removal etc. The amount of water used is drastically reduced, especially useful for when valeting is carried out at the customers premises.

New model launchLets go for a pint!

In addition to the range of over 30 models Morclean have now introduced a brand new model. The GV3.3 is a more competitively priced vapour steam cleaner in the industrial sector. The GV3.3 contains an integral vacuum cleaner and is aimed at commercial and industrial sectors as well as contract cleaners.

Pubs and clubs across the UK now account for a significant percentage of sales of vapour steam cleaners for Morclean. As well as the UK range of products Morclean also have models available for mail order with a comprehensive range of detergents and chemicals.

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